Your Students' Union - services and support

About Your SU

We’re here to represent your interests, and to make sure your time at the University of Sunderland is everything you hoped for and more.

 We have 3 main objectives, all centred on helping you get the most out of your time here. They are:

  • YOUR Voice
  • YOUR Course and YOU
  • YOUR Place

 We’re led by students, elected by you to serve on the SU Executive Team either full time or part time. You can find out more about these roles (and how you can stand to be elected yourself) on our website.

 The SU Exec is supported by other elected students; and a staff team, all working towards the same vision for you.

Your Voice

When you want to make your mark…

Your SU is the voice of all students, both in the University in the city of Sunderland and beyond. By getting involved in how we make decisions, you can have a real influence on what we do, and make positive change happen for all students.

Here’s how:

Stand for Election

If you’re passionate about making life better for students, and want the opportunity to get a £19k job as soon as you graduate (or even as a year out in the middle of your studies), standing for election to be one of our three full time SU Exec officers could be for you.

Elections for full time Exec happen every March, and they’re open to any student to stand.

We also elect six part-time officers in the first term of the year so keep an eye on your inbox and our website for details.


Get involved in Union Council

If you have any ideas or proposals to help make life better for Sunderland students; Union Council is the place to get them heard.

It’s a friendly, and proactive forum for representing your voice fairly and democratically. It’s also a chance to hear the SU Exec Team provide updates on the work they’re doing, and to directly ask them any questions you may have.

We have meetings several times a year to give you a voice all year round and the chance to receive regular updates on what we’re doing about your ideas.

Check out our website or social media for how to get involved at

Be a Course Rep

If you have ideas to improve or change your course, being a Course Rep is the way to make it happen.

It’s a great way to be a leader and represent your fellow students’ best interests. It looks great on your CV too.

Check out to get started.


Be a School Coordinator

If you enjoy working with Course Reps, and want to be in the room when important decisions are made about your course at university committees, this could be the role for you.

School Coordinators are paid volunteers which we recruit each September; check out opportunities:


Make it Happen

What would you change about the university if you could?

Whether it’s a campaign, an event or just a small practical change to make life easier for students; we have everything you need to make it happen.

Go to to get started and submit your idea. Gather student support for your idea and it will be taken to Union Council for consideration.


Find Funding

If you have an idea but it needs money to get started; we can help with that.

Find Funding is a dedicated budget we have to provide money to great ideas that improve the student experience. If you have a great idea, you can apply for funding, and then campaign for students to vote for it. 

If you win the vote, we’ll give you the money and support you to make your idea a reality.

Visit to get started.


Join a campaign

Whatever you care about, or whatever issue gets you most excited; it’s safe to assume that other students will feel the same.

That’s why we run campaigns on issues that matter to students throughout every year.

Whatever you care about, you’ll have strength in numbers through YOUR SU.

Keep up to date by checking and following us on social media.


Your Course & You

When you want to fly high…

You’re here for the good times, the new friends, and the life changing experiences. But it’s probably your course that brought you here in the first place. So we want to help make it the best it can be, for you; and help you to feel good and confident about your choice to come to Sunderland.

Here’s how:


Get Advice

If you ever face any difficulties on your course or in general, we’re here to give you free, friendly, professional and confidential advice.

Because we’re totally independent from the University, we can provide you with impartial advice, and even support you in academic appeals, if you ever need us to.

We can help you with:

  • Housing problems
  • Student funding, debt or money issues
  • Academic advice
  • Welfare advice

If you ever need us, just visit or email to make an appointment


Meet a Buddy

To make your transition to student life a bit easier, we can match you up with someone that’s been through it all before!

If you need a bit of moral support or ask the simple questions about how to get the most out of life at University, an SU Buddy can help with one-to-one support.

To get matched with a Buddy (or to be a Buddy yourself) visit or email

Your Place

When you want to feel proud…

 We love Sunderland. We think you will too. A great city is best shared with good friends, whilst saving money and having fun.

That’s where we come in:

Join or start an SU Society

If you have a passion, someone here at Sunderland probably shares it.

YOUR Societies are a great way to build a community of like-minded people, make friends that last a lifetime, and do fun and enriching activities.

We can even help with funding to support your activities.

Visit to find a society or to start your own.

SU Socials 

We arrange social events and activities right through the year, on campus, in the city and further afield.

To keep up to date, and book your next event, visit


Get around on the FREE minibus

If you’re in Halls of Residence, or just need to hop campuses, we can help you get to your lectures quickly and for free on our minibus; which we run in partnership with the University.

Check out the timetables on


Get stuff cheap

 As a member of Your SU, you’ll get access to discounts at hundreds of online and high-street retailers with a TOTUM card powered by NUS Extra.

 It costs just £12 a year, and will save you loads of money throughout the year.

 Pick yours up from our Main Reception in the Edinburgh Building, the SU at St Peter’s Campus or online at


Wear it with pride

Whether you’re looking for a hoodie, a T-shirt or a teddy bear, grab your University of Sunderland branded merchandise from the SU Reception at the ground floor of the Edinburgh Building, the SU at St Peter’s Campus or buy online at

Remember: every penny you spend at Your SU is reinvested to make our services better for you.