My University Account provides information on core account services including your email, Filestore, your account and password and your Campus Card.

Here you will find a number of useful easy to follow user guides relating to a number of our IT systems, including connecting to the Wi-Fi service or how to print.

The University provides a wide range of facilities to aid your study or work, you have a responsibility to ensure you use these facilities in a responsible manor, find out more details here.

Find out information regarding the University's open access machines, as well as information on how to use your personal devices on Campus.

Here you will find the best place to get the support you need, whether that is access to the IT portal, or if it is building specific support information.

The University has a number of ways of keeping you and your information safe on line, such as our firewalls and anti-virus systems, find some best practice advice to stay secure.


Provide your feedback on IT Support




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