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The epistemological basis of podiatric biomechanical examination, illuminating the significance of tacit knowledge versus evidence-based practice


Thesis Outline.

This research is primarily a mixed methods study addressing the significance of both evidence based practice and tacit knowledge when conducting biomechanical examinations. The main areas are linking of education, practice and tacit knowledge.



I am a qualified podiatrist after obtaining a 1st class BSc honours degree in 2009. I then received a MSc from the University of Sunderland in Advanced Clinical Practice in 2010 and followed this up with the completion of a PGcE from Teesside University in 2014. I have predominantly worked in private practice as a lower limb practitioner before moving into teaching in higher education. Combining these roles led to me undertaking my doctoral research through combining both practice and education



Research Activities.

Have contributed to research in a variety of topics such as: Reflexivity in doctoral students, using action research as a driver in the co-construction of knowledge. The artistry of becoming a scientist within podiatric medicine. Transcending disciplinarity with art and anatomy. The Golden Ratio and the interrelationship with the Fibonacci sequence. The significance of tacit knowledge within podiatric practice.


Citations And Presentations.

Hayes, Catherine, Fulton, John, Irons, Alastair and Capper, Stephen (2017) 'Partnership in Professional Doctoral Reflexivity - Action Research as a Driver in the Co-Construction of Knowledge'. In: Change Agent Network Conference, 2018, 19 - 20 Apr 2018, University of Winchester, UK. (Submitted)

Hayes, Catherine, Fulton, John, Petrie, Kevin, Todd, Claire Richenda, Livingstone, Andrew, Capper, Stephen, Bussey, Sonia and Rennie, Colin (2017) The Artistry of becoming a Scientist in Podiatric Medicine; Transcending and re-connecting Disciplinary Boundaries in Art and Science. In: : Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists Annual Conference, 16-18 Nov 2017, ACC Liverpool. (Submitted)







Stephen Capper

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Professor Catherine Hayes