The University of Sunderland’s Graduate Internship Scheme offers an excellent way to begin your graduate-level career.

All of our internships are paid and are within commuting distance of Sunderland. We aim to offer a range of opportunities to accommodate as many subject areas as possible.

Why an internship?

As an intern, you will be working for a local organisation on a full-time basis and earn a competive wage,

You will be working on projects under the guidance of a supervisor from the host company, as well as the University’s dedicated Internships Team.

Internships are arranged initially on a six to twelve month basis. This gives you enough time to understand the connection between academic study and how that can be applied to the world of work.

Many of our interns are later offered permanent positions with their host companies. An internship is also a fantastic way to start building a network of professional contacts in your chosen career.