The Student Portal allows you to 


USER GUIDE  - we recommend you read this guide before accessing the Student Portal for the first time.


The portal has been designed for use on mobile devices, PCs and Laptops.    You can access the portal via URL (link below) or by downloading one of the relevant mobile apps (details below).  

Please note: Supported web browsers -  If using a Laptop or PC use Chrome version 38+    If using mobile device use  Safari 8+.


For Android devices



For Apple Devices



Please note the following important information:

When using mobile apps for the first time:  

at first log you will be asked to register using your university email address, the system will recognize and email addresses for registration. Users with any other email address or problems registering can enter the code 9908.  

Apps are supported by the following operating systems only

Troubleshooting guide for student portal and mobile applications

Troubleshooting Guide.docx

Other useful information:

To ensure your attendance record and attendance %  is correct in the student portal:

Reported Absences

Lost/Stolen or Damaged Campus Cards

Misusing the system.

In most cases this involves students swiping in and then leaving before the teaching session begins or ‘buddy swiping’ - registering attendance at sessions on behalf of friends.

This is unacceptable for number of reasons, not least because it limits our ability to identify any problems you may be having but also because it is fraudulent in nature and will be treated as such by the University.

Throughout the year the university undertakes regular verification checks to identify fraudulent swiping.  Please be aware that identified misuse of the system will be considered as misconduct and will be subject to the University’s disciplinary procedures.


Attendance Monitoring Policy
You can access the University’s attendance monitoring policy through the following link


Concerns about your attendance data
If you have any queries in relation to the system or your attendance record please get in touch at .