User at an Oculus Rift demonstration (Source)


Virtual Reality Meets Reality - A good overview of the current state of play in VR.

Lecture VR - A project to recreate famous lectures from the past in VR. 'Coming soon' as of September 2016.

5 Non-Gaming Uses for the Rift - A good article about non-gaming uses of virtual reality.

VR in Higher Education - A discussion on the merits and uses of virtual reality in higher education.

VR Surgery - The use of VR and AR in surgery.

JanusVR - A cross-platform web browser exclusively for VR content.

Serious Geo Games - Blog about the use of games and gamification to enhance learning in the field of geography. Many posts are about VR.

Learning in Virtual Worlds - A book exploring the trends, developments and effectiveness of the use of 3D virtual worlds for teaching and learning. A PDF version of the book is available to download for free under the Creative Commons license.

Anne Frank House VR Tour - People with physical disabilities can now take a virtual tour of Anne Frank's house using VR. An excellent case study of the practical applications of VR.

The Potential of VR in Higher Education - Times Higher Education article exploring the uses, and potential uses, of VR in education.

BBC VR Showcase - Experiments in VR content for various platforms from the BBC.

9 Ways to use VR in Higher Education - Some ideas on how to use VR in higher education.

Guardian Article - A counter argument to VR, arguing that what it aims to achieve is nothing new.

Innovative Technology Blog - Jisc's blog on innovative technology, which frequently posts about VR and AR developments.