Installation Guides

1. Install a Client onto your device

You can install a Skype for Business client on your PC and mobile devices, download instructions and links are included within the installation guides Click on an installation guide below to help you install and setup your PC & devices. If you have a UDS PC/Laptop, the software should already be available on your machine to install, click here for instructions on how to install Skype for Business on your UDS PC (Sunderland Campus Only), if you are using a managed PC/Mac in London Campus or Hong Kong  please contact your local IT Support for details on how to get the software.

Installation Guide (PDF)

iPhone & iPad
Android Device
Windows Phone
Windows Home PC (non UDS PC)
Apple Mac
PC Web App Installation

**There are some differences between Skype for Business clients, check the Microsoft client comparison chart for details:

2. Check what equipment and network speed you need to use Skype for Business

The table below indicates the network speed and equipment you need to use Skype for Business.  Click on the picture to check your current network speed.

For telephony/audio, any standard headphones with microphone will work (i.e. headphones that you got with an iPhone), just plug them into the headphone socket on your PC/Laptop.

For a list of approved webcams, headsets and conferencing devices to purchase visit the Skype for Business Recommended Equipment List page.

3. Sign-in and start using Skype for Business

Click on the links below for guidance on using Skype for Business.

Online training

Windows Desktop Guides

Getting Started - Videos

Getting Started Guides - (PDFs)

What is Skype for Business

How to make Calls and change Audio Settings

Skype for Buisiness Desktop Inferface & Options

Managing your Contacts, Presence and Instant Messages

Starting Conversations with Instant Messaging

Setting up and Managing Meetings

Note: It's highly recommended that you review your meeting options each

time you create a Skype Meeting using Outlook,click here for guidance.


Adding Meeting Requests & Joining Meetings

Sharing your Desktop, PowerPoint, Whiteboard and more..

Managing MeetingsHow to make Video Calls and change Video Settings


Tablet and Phone Guides

User Guides (PDF)

iPhone & iPad User Guide

Android Device User Guide
Windows Phone User Guide

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