Engaging with your programme is vitally important to getting the most out of your time at the University. Failure to regularly attend lectures and other teaching sessions can be an indication that you are struggling with some aspect of your programme of study or your ability to engage with your studies.

Through the attendance monitoring system we are able to regularly review your record to see if you are having any problems in attending your classes. It is really important therefore that you use the system and register your attendance at all teaching sessions you attend,  this will involve ‘tapping’ your Campus Card against a reader when you go into class.  There will be fixed card-readers on the wall of all main teaching rooms, where no fixed reader is available you may be asked to use a hand-held device which will be passed around the class.

When using the system please be aware of the following important information:

You can only register your attendance up to 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time for the teaching session. If you register any earlier than that your attendance will not be recorded in the system and your attendance record will be affected.



Important - misusing the system. In most cases this involves students swiping in and then leaving before the teaching session begins or ‘buddy swiping’ registering attendance at sessions on behalf of friends. This is unacceptable for number of reasons, not least because it limits our ability to identify any problems you may be having but also because it is fraudulent in nature and will be treated as such by the University. Throughout the year the university undertakes regular verification checks to identify fraudulent swiping.  Please be aware that identified misuse of the system will be considered as misconduct and will be subject to the University’s disciplinary procedures.

You can access the University’s Learning Engagement Policy here:


If you have any queries in relation to the system or your attendance record please email the attendance monitoring team at attendancemonitoring@sunderland.ac.uk.