A number of laptops are available for you to borrow from The Murray Library and St. Peter's Library. Office 2003, Internet Explorer, Firefox, SPSS, Minitab and Macromedia Suite Software are installed. The laptops are also wireless enabled. 


Before you can borrow a laptop you must first book one, using the Book a Laptop Online service. Always ensure that you are aware of the return date and time before you borrow a laptop. The laptop must be returned to the library it was borrowed from, by the person who borrowed it. Make sure that the laptop is returned on time as considerable fines are charged for late return. 

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It is your responsibility to save your work regularly and safely. All students have access to permanent personal storage space on the University network (your student network area). When you are using a loan laptop from the library, you will need to use the Filestore service to save your work into your student network area.

You can save temporarily to the D:drive but please note that these files will be deleted when you return the laptop alternatively you can save to a USB memory stick. If you wish to use a memory stick your files are in danger of being lost or damaged and for that reason we cannot guarantee that your work will be secure. Remember to always ensure that your work is saved securely before you turn off the laptop and that you have not left any work saved to the hard drive of the laptop when you return it to the library.


You can print from a library laptop by using our PrintOnline service or by saving your work to a USB Memory Stick and logging to a PC in order to print from the library print system. Find out more by downloading our print guide: Print out at the library (PrintOnline).



Then you borrow a laptop from the library you will be asked to sign the Terms & Conditions for borrowing a laptop. Please ensure that you are aware of all of the Terms and Conditions and that you understand that you may be responsible for covering the costs of repair or replacement if a laptop is damaged or unreturned. 

Please download 'Book a Laptop ' for Terms and Conditions.



To help you to avoid fines and charges for late items we send a number of email reminders to your University Email Account. Please note that if you borrow a University laptop you will receive a pre-overdue email the day before it is due for return and if you fail to return it, you will be sent two overdue notices on the first and second day the laptop is overdue and will be charged accordingly. If the laptop ,is still not returned you will receive a bill including a non-refundable £10 handling charge. For details of the overdue and replacement charges that apply to laptops.

If you have an outstanding charge of £15 or more; items that are over 30 days overdue or more than 16 items overdue, your library account will be blocked and you will be unable to use library services.


The laptop is to be returned to the Help Desk at the site from which it was borrowed one hour before staffed opening ends on its due date.  Should the laptop be returned late, a fixed penalty of £25 will be charged up to the end of the first day and thereafter an additional £10 per day or part day will be charged.  Should you fail to return a laptop within 3 days of its due date, the University will treat this as missing and you will be liable for its replacement value plus an administration charge of £10. Should you incur 3 late fines under this agreement during an academic year, (regardless of period of lateness) you will be denied any further access to laptop loan during that academic year.



On signing the Terms & Conditions for borrowing a laptop you will agree to pay for the repair of any damage that you may cause to the laptop or to replace the laptop if this is more economically viable. Laptops must be returned to a member of staff at the library from which they were borrowed.