Academic Registry - New Ways of Working

 Updated 8th September 2017


Academic Support Review


The review established an Academic Registry led by the Academic Registrar.  It includes Programme Support and (in some faculties) Placement Support teams who are located in the faculty with which they work and are managed by a team of three Assistant Academic Registrars (each looking after two faculties and located in the Gateway). There are also three cross-institutional teams (located in the Gateway) covering Quality Support; Timetabling, Attendance Monitoring and Graduations; and Student Casework. Members of these teams work closely with academic staff and programme support colleagues; in addition Quality Support and Timetabling / Attendance Monitoring have designated ‘faculty-facing’ staff to develop close links with a specific faculty or faculties or groups of subject areas.


If you have any queries about who does what or about particular areas of activity, please contact the Interim Academic Registrar (Iain Rowan) or the relevant team leader (as indicated below). The main service number is ext 2059 and our PA/administrator is Lisa Weetman.  


Academic Registry Staffing Structure









Business, Law and Tourism

Arts and Creative Industries

Health Sciences and Well-Being

Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing

Computer Science

Education and Society

Interim Academic Registrar

Iain Rowan, ext 2060

Deputy Academic Registrar


Senior Assistant Academic Registrar   

Senior Assistant Academic Registrar  (Head of Programme Support) – Heather Martin

Assistant Academic Registrar

Joanne Wake


Mark Davies



Mark Davies


Heather Martin

Heather Martin

Joanne Wake

Programme support


Alsa Melvin and

Jo White (team leaders)


Sophia Ismail

Lynsey Small 0.5 + Andrea   Separghan 0.5

job share

Louise Thompson 0.5 + Teri   Heslop 0.5 job share

Chris Houston

Anna Little

Jamie Macintyre

Joanne Foggin

Kirsty Hamblin

Neil Watson

Gillian Ritchie

Vacant 1.0  

George Corbett    (team leader)


Neil Foggin

Amy Callaghan

Duncan Moodie

Funmi Oladapo

Vacant 1.5


Lynn Wansell

 (team   leader)


April Allan

Emma Green

Vicky Clelland

Cherelyne Hannan

Tony Walker

Louise Hanson 0.5

Vacant 1.0

Gillian Butler    (team leader)


Frank Bulmer

Greg Forrester




(team leader)


Alyson Jarvis

Diane Simpson-Scott



Margaret Paget (team leader)


Karen Beaney

Jill Wilkinson

Chris Webb

Angela Palmer 0.5 Jamie   Lowther (maternity leave) 0.5

Cathy Malcolm

Stephen Barksby

Nicola Beston  0.5 

Vacant 1.0

Lisa Zhang (EAP)


Deborah Bell (IDL)

Stephanie Dunn (IDL) Dimitrios Petrogiannis (IDL)

Placement Support

Vacant 1.0

Sarah Skinner 0.6

n/a – covered by programme support team

Linda McMurrough

n/a – covered by programme support team

n/a – covered by programme support team

James Walsh (team leader)

Jade McGrath

Shelley Robson 0.4

Hayley Goldsmith   0.6

Lynn Carr 1.0

Leah Sommerville   0.45

Rosemary Elliott   0.75  

Timetabling / Attendance Monitoring and   Graduations

Manager  - Bev Muldowney

(ext 2044)

Julie Moon - Timetabling and Attendance Monitoring Lead   Co-ordinator; faculty-facing team as below

Timetabling and Attendance Monitoring Support - vacant

Note: vacancies below marked * are all the same post (1.0)

David Hughes

Julie Moon 


Karen Wigham

David Hughes


Kris Whitehead





Kris Whitehead



Kris Whitehead


Julie Moon

Karen Wigham



Graduations: Sarah Preece (team leader), Lynda   Bowmer

Quality Support

Manager – Jessica Dodd (was Greenlees)  

(ext 2063)

Lyndsay Brown

Kirsty Potts

Sam Booth-Malone

Katrina Durrans

Margaret Young

Susan Alexander

Carol Gardner

Kevin Williamson

Jessica Dodd

Jenny Ho

Susie Robertson

Vacant 1.0

Student Casework

Manager – Fiona Jackson

(ext 2941)

Lianne Hopper, Jill Wilkinson 0.5