UDS / SDS New Software Request

As part of the UDS and SDS services you may submit a request for new software to be installed onto a UDS/SDS machine or group of machines, if the software is to be installed onto a computer located within a faculty area firstly have a discussion with the local faculty technical staff to see if they are happy to support the software.

Please make your request at least 3 weeks before you would like the software to be made available.

The process for requesting new software to be added to either an UDS or SDS machine is as follows:

Step 1: Log in to the IT portal

Step 2: From the Services section choose the New UDS/SDS software request form (please call the ITService Desk on x3333 if you require assistance with this Step)

Step 3: Internal review of the software including the packaging requirements and if any other current software is comparable 

Step 4: Internal approval to proceed

Step 5: IT Services package the software and test with the original requester

Step 6: Approval via the Change Advisory Board process (held weekly on a Wednesday)

Step 7: Software will be deployed to the areas identified in the service request, and will be available for future deployment via a service desk request.




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