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Postgraduate Research Degree Students are at the heart of our research community. The University of Sunderland is, therefore, extremely proud to present a collection of Postgraduate Research Student Profiles to promote these wonderful researchers and highlight their fantastic work. 

Profiles are offered by researchers on a voluntary 'opting in' basis to comply with their rights under GDPR to opt in or out at any time. As a consequence, this 'Online Directory Of Postgraduate Research Student Profiles' will only contain a proportion of the research student population who wish to display their details online.


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Notices for researchers at Sunderland (who opted in to having an online profile).

- Should you wish to remove your research profile information from the University of Sunderland's publically accessible webpages at any time: please send an email request to the data controller ( ) using your student email system. Should you use a private email system for this request, GRS will restrict view of your profile page whilst they verify that the request is genuinely from you. On receiving your (verified) request, the online profile page will be removed from this collection as soon as possible.

- Once you graduate, and for as long as it is practical for us to do this, we will be happy to continue to display details from your research project / profile online complete with a note that you have graduated from your research degree.
The intention here will be continue to showcase the fantastic work you have done here at Sunderland in a way which could continue to help you promote your research and yourself to future employers.

  • We will need to automatically remove your university email address when it is deactivated.
  • We will be happy to remove any sections of text which you would like removed from your profile - should you request this by emailing the data controller ( ).
  • We will be happy to add a link to your online profile on LinkedIn or a similar plaform which complements your career should you request this by emailing the data controller ( ).


N.B. If possible, please use your university student email system when you email your requests to the data controller ( ); otherwise, the data controller will need to verify who you are before making your requested changes.


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