Please respect St Peter's church and its grounds

Our University community is asked to respect the archeologically significant grounds, graves and landscape of St Peter's Church. Staff and students are also reminded that parking in the Church's grounds is reserved for its congregation or visitors. 

If you do walk through the church’s grounds please use the designated stone footpaths and keep off the grass. Using the marked paths will mean you avoid walking on ancient gravestones and will protect the eighth century stonework near the church tower from further damage.

The Anglo-Saxon church of St Peter's was built in 674AD by local nobleman Benedict Biscop. It is one of the UK's earliest stone churches and parts of the original church are still standing, including the West Wall, porch and stone carvings. St Peter's was also once home to Venerable Bede, one of our greatest ever scholars. 

Since 2015 visitors have been able to better appreciate the size of the original monastery thanks to landscaping works that replicate its original footprint. This ‘footprint’ features stone and soft landscaping to highlight the internal spaces and exterior walls of the monastery, without disturbing the buried archaeological remains.  

Please work with us to protect this important heritage site on our doorstep.

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