Mum, mate, mentor, and all round student star

It’s been a hectic few years for University of Sunderland student Rebecca Daurat.

The 25-year-old has spent the past two years performing the ultimate juggling act – working full time, giving birth to two children and fitting in her university studies.

But, with graduation in sight, Rebecca’s sleepless nights and endless hard work could be about to pay off.

Now, the BA Social Work student has been nominated for a new campaign – Rate Your Mate - which aims to shine a light on hard working students who go above and beyond in their studies, life and work while at the University.

Rebecca, who will graduate this summer, says the nomination, made by pal Rachel Mole, also 25, has been a big boost during a frantic time in her life.

She said: “To say it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind is an understatement so when I heard about what Rachel had done it kind of made everything feel worthwhile.”

Any student who would like to nominate their friend can email and let us know what makes your mate amazing

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Rebecca, from Pallion in Sunderland, had initially been working full-time at a callcentre, using her holidays from work to make time for her studies, at the same time she had children Henri George, now two, and 12-month-old Genevieve.

“It has been a real juggling act and a couple of times, when I was breastfeeding, I had to bring my baby in to University with me,” says Rebecca.

“But I’ve always wanted to be a social worker and I’m now so close to getting there, it’s all been worth it.”

Rachel, who nominated her friend for the award, says she can think of a no more deserving person.

“Rebecca is a wonderful student, leader, mother, wife, and all round fantastic person,” added Rachel, from Framwellgate Moor in Country Durham. “She has shown unwavering determination and resilience.”

Rebecca has also been acting as Student Representative for the Social Work course.

Rachel said: “She has thrown herself into university. As well as becoming a Student Rep and fighting our corner, she has also become a mentor to younger students through the University’s Sunderland Futures scheme.

“I truly admire Rebecca for being the wonderful student, leader, mother, wife, and all round fantastic person that she is and that is why I am nominating her for Rate Your Mate.”

Rachel and Rebecca will now feature in a poster campaign to attract more students to Rate Your Mate – with all nominated students going forward to the finals in July, where the Student Achiever of the Year will be named at the 2019 summer graduation ceremonies.

Any student who would like to nominate a fellow student for Rate Your Mate can email: and let us know what makes your mate amazing.

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