Places to visit in the NE this summer

Hannah Sly, BA (Hons) Media, Culture and Communication, is one of the University's new team of student bloggers. Below she shares her top places to visit in our region over the summer - proving that you don't have to travel very far for fun, culture, and shopping!

‘Uni Life: Unlocked’ is a platform for current students to write about student life, study tips, advice for new students, living away from home, getting out and about in Sunderland and the region and much more.

The aim of the new site is to 'unlock' some of the mysteries of university life for potential applicants. 

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Hannah's top spots:

The University of Sunderland is close to both the coast and the countryside and the North East has its fair share of well-known attractions to visit. Various big cities can be easily reached by public transport, meaning there’s always something to do in the region, as well as further afield. In this blog, I will share some of my favourite places to visit during the summer months.

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