External Organisations

The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA)

Higher education in the UK has an international reputation for excellence. Maintaining the highest academic standards and quality is crucial to keeping this reputation.

All universities and colleges that provide higher education in the UK are autonomous. These institutions are not owned by the state, but most receive government funding distributed by the separate higher education funding councils for England, Scotland and Wales, and the Department for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland.

Each university and college of higher education is responsible for the standards of the awards it makes and the quality of the education it provides to its students. Each has its own internal quality assurance procedures.

QAA is an independent body funded by subscriptions from universities and colleges and through contracts with the higher education funding bodies. We carry out external quality assurance by visiting universities and colleges to review how well they are fulfilling their responsibilities. We also offer guidance on maintaining and improving quality assurance processes and developing course delivery through the Academic Infrastructure. Visit http://www.qaa.ac.uk for more information.


Vitae is a national organisation championing the personal, professional and career development of doctoral researchers and research staff in higher education institutions and research institutes.

We play a major role in the drive for high-level skills and innovation and in the UK's goal to produce world class researchers. Our vision is for the UK to be world-class in supporting the personal, professional and career development of researchers

Visit http://www.vitae.ac.uk for more information