Faculty of Education and Society’s Second Annual New PostGraduate Research Conference

14 & 15 September - Sir Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre, Prospect Building, Sir Tom Cowie Campus

The school of Education within the Faculty of Education and Society at the University of Education has provided initial teacher education for over 100 years. In recent years it has become ever more important to inform students of the integral role that research plays in their role in schools, and an early introduction to this is key to enable them to engage in research informed practice from the start of their teacher training journey. Our training ensures that students leave us as discerning and critically aware practitioners who make informed choices about their pedagogical approaches.

This second annual pre-course conference represents the beginning of their journey. The conference includes speakers who are all involved in cutting edge research from the school and beyond. The sessions include areas of current educational policy and priority, including behaviour management and the health, wellbeing and care of young people as holistic learners and beings. We have sessions which recognise the huge contribution that families play in supporting their children’s learning and education and the role of teaching assistants and their contribution to social inclusion.

We are expecting about 200 delegates to attend and this is recognition of our commitment to student learning even in the early stages of their time with us. Last year the conference was hugely successful and we received 100% positive responses from the delegates. This year’s conference will build on this with a greater range of speakers and a higher number of delegates.

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2nd Annual New Post Graduates’ Research Conference

14 & 15 September 2017 – Sir Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre

Thursday 14



Friday 15

9:00  Registration Day 1


9:00  Registration Day 2


9:30 – 9:45     Dr Kim Gilligan

Conference opening and welcome


9:30-10:15     Dr Helen Sadler

Adult support and its benefits to inclusion.

This session will look at the role of Teaching Assistants and their influence on social inclusion.


9:45- 10:30     Dr Lynne McKenna

Head of the School of Education

Head of Faculty Research

Parental Engagement, Research, Relationships and Reality.

This session will explore a twenty year research story drawing upon evidence from four research projects to illustrate the powerful benefits of engaging parents to support their children’s learning at home and at school.  



10:15-11:00   Victoria Rafferty

This research offers insight into students’ experiences of one-to-one discussions with study support practitioner concerning issues around study skills.   


10:30-11:15    Dr Kim Gilligan

Theory and Praxis 

This session will explore the governments’ ongoing commitment to ensure all teachers’ pedagogy is underpinned by theoretical perspectives and research evidence.


11:00-11:30     Break





11:15- 11:45     Break



11:30-12:15     Susan Edgar

This session will explore the Core Curriculum and key elements of your work at university for example studying the theories of behaviour etc. and how they will impact on your practice in schools.

11:45-12:30      Kate Duffy

Values and pedagogies

This session will explore research around teachers’ morals and values and how these impact on the decisions they make around the needs of learners.


12:15-1:00    Lunch break

12:30-1:15       Lunch break


1:00-1:45    Dr. Maddalena Taras  (Reader)                        

Assessment, an essential aspect of Learning (and teaching)  

This session will explore the importance of assessment.


1:15- 2:00     Professor  Stephanie Atkinson

Using Research to Support Writing at Level Seven.

Understanding and using the university criteria to support you in writing effectively.


1:45-2:30     Sarah Martin-Denham.

Attachment and Classroom Behaviours

This session will look at early attachments and how these can impact on learning much later. It will explore the nature of teacher/pupil relationships in terms of being a significant figure.

2:00 -2:45     Dr Kim Gilligan

Social Exclusion and Behaviours in Schools.

This session will explore the links between high but supported expectations of pupils who may not have benefited from academic and cultural capital outside of school. It will analyse some of the problematic assumptions that may impede learners’ self esteem


2:30- 2:45     Break

2:45-3:00    Break


2:45- 3:15    Dr Kim Gilligan Conference closing remarks


This final session will explore early actions you can undertake to ensure your effective use of research in your academic writing and professional practice.

3:00-3:45      Sarah Martin Denham

Special Education needs and Barriers to learning

This session will explore how specific difficulties may impact on learning and behaviours.



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