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Page: Professional Doctorates Board of Studies Julie Little (Staff) Jun 04, 2019
Page: Programme Administration Heather Martin (Staff) Sep 24, 2020
Page: Programme Administration Contacts Heather Martin (Staff) Sep 24, 2020
Page: Programme Development and Approval Heather Martin (Staff) Oct 20, 2020
Page: Programme Specifications Heather Martin (Staff) Aug 05, 2020
Page: Promise Ifeanyichukwu Ucheka Lesley Christie (Staff) Oct 29, 2019
Page: Quality Support Jenny Ho (Staff) Sep 17, 2019
Page: Rene Alberto Garcia Cepeda Lesley Christie (Staff) Oct 16, 2019
Page: Replacement Certificates Lynda Bowmer (Staff) Oct 02, 2020
Page: Research Degree Group Heather Martin (Staff) Jan 06, 2020
Page: Roland Buckingham Mark Proctor (Staff) Nov 01, 2019
Page: Safe Return to Campus - Steps which need to be taken by all Academic Registry Staff Lisa Weetman (Staff) Sep 07, 2020
Page: Sample Course Timetables Julie Moon (Staff) Sep 02, 2019
Page: Sin Wang Chong Lesley Christie (Staff) Oct 23, 2019
Page: Sofia Pandi Lesley Christie (Staff) Oct 22, 2019
Page: Staff Forms and Guidance Documents Heather Martin (Staff) May 19, 2020
Page: Stephen Capper Mark Proctor (Staff) Oct 14, 2019
Page: Student Casework Lianne Hopper (Staff) Mar 26, 2018
Page: Student Forms and Guidance Documents Julie Little (Staff) Oct 19, 2020
Page: Student Management Heather Martin (Staff) Sep 23, 2020
Page: Student Protection Plan Iain Rowan (Staff) Jul 27, 2018
Page: Students Requesting to Sit Examinations Overseas Emma Tyzack (Staff) Mar 16, 2020
Page: Teaching Timetables Beverley Muldowney (Staff) Jan 23, 2019
Page: Template HEAR Heather Martin (Staff) Sep 22, 2017
Page: Timetabling, Attendance and Graduations Beverley Muldowney (Staff) Sep 23, 2020
Page: Transcripts Heather Martin (Staff) Aug 22, 2019
Page: Understanding your transcript Heather Martin (Staff) Nov 05, 2018
Page: University of Sunderland Examination Pro-forma Julie Moon (Staff) Jan 16, 2018
Page: Upcoming Events Lisa Weetman (Staff) Aug 17, 2020
Page: Using your card to record attendance Beverley Muldowney (Staff) Apr 06, 2018