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Research Learning Support

For Academic and Research Staff

For MPhil, PhD, Prof Doc and DBA researchers

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

At The Sunderland Campus (CPD)

At The London Campus (CPD)

Bespoke (CPD) - Creative Classroom

Peer Support for Learning - peer observation documentation

Programme Leaders - Events

Sharing good practice

Learning Matters Lunches

Collaborative and partnership engagement 

Partner Pages


Preparing To Teach At Sunderland University

'New Lecturer's' Programme

Peer Support For Learning - peer observation documentation

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Sarah Graham (Head of Academic Development)

Mark Proctor (Academic Development Officer, Research)

Alan Tree (Academic Development Officer, Collaborative Partnerships)

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titleAbout us

Academic Development provides continuing professional development (CPD) for academic practice. This is defined as teaching, research (including postgraduate supervision), and support for student learning. In collaboration with colleagues we also provide or facilitate CPD for leadership of learning and teaching, and to support entry to specific roles. To see our Plan for 2015/16 click here and our activity report here

Our CPD supports the institutional Learning and Teaching Plan and in particular the commitment to ‘Support and promote… an academic practice development framework’ including ‘a broad range of CPD aligned to the priorities of the Plan and other skills development opportunities, proactively planned, delivered and facilitated with Faculty support, to recognise and reinforce the importance of rooting academic CPD within academic practice.

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titleFestival of Learning & Teaching

Festival of Learning and Teaching


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titleConferences & Events

For Learning and Teaching

For Research

Past conferences and events

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titleLearning Enhancement Award

In November 2013 the Academic Forum proposed that the then current Innovation Challenge be changed. The Learning Enhancement Award is a direct result of that proposal and is open to applications now. The final submission deadline is Monday, 29th February 2016. Further information and the application form can be found by clicking  here

2014/15 winners can be found here

2015/16 winner can be found here

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titleBecome a fellow of the HEA

The University Higher Education Academy Fellowship Scheme

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titleOur Research

Developing Strategic Leadership

Positioning The Learning In The Learning Landscape

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titleContact Us

Please direct your initial inquiries and booking requests to:

Academic Development

University of Sunderland

2nd Floor Edinburgh Building

Chester Road



0191 515 2059

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titleURLs for other training and support


Human Resources (HR)

Student Learning Support (SLS)

The Web Team in SLS - MySunderland/Terminal 4

The Sunspace Team in SLS


Wider Support Services incl. Library Services

Graduate Research Support - incl. how to enroll as a Postgraduate Research Student (MPhil/PhD/Prof Doc./ MBA)


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titleResearcher Development

Using Sunderland's Vitae Subscription

FREE Personal Development Planner (Vitae)

  • Developed from the Researcher Development Framework
  • This planner is restricted for your own personal use, please log in to MySunderland and use the link to view the planner information. As a member of the university: you have the right to use this planner for your own personal use; but ,you do not have the right to distribute it to others or store the file in a way that others can use it.
  • Please note that there is an improved online version available at: that researchers can use if they would like to pay for a personal annual subscription to the service (£24 per annum).
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titleResearch Excellence Framework

Research Excellence Framework - [We are delighted and Well Done!] - Letter from Shirley Atkinson

Information on the Research Excellence Framework


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titleSite map / archived pages

Site Map  |  Archive Pages


Blog Posts

From the team..

Mark Proctor (Academic Development Officer, Research)

Alan Tree (Academic Development Officer, Collaborative Partnerships)




book any course/event below by emailing the course title, your name and Faculty to


 Become a Fellow of the HEA 

A new University of Sunderland Recognition Scheme Dates for Workshops, Submission deadlines
and panel meetings for 2017/18
launch early in 2018.
Watch this space for details

Use the link below to update your details with the Academy


Research Learning Support 

Academic and Research Staff

MPhil, PhD, Prof Doc and DBA researchers



Continuing Professional Development

CPD Sessions

Digital Skills survey

Digital tools to Support Learning  

Programme Leaders Corner 

Drop in and Learn - AcDev & WaLTS    

Sharing Good Practice

Learning Matters Lunches

Practice Sharing knowledge database

Programme Leader Review






Collaborative and Partnership Engagement

 Partner Pages


Academic Resources for Learning

and Teaching

Preparing To Teach At Sunderland University

Online advice and support

Peer Support For Learning - peer observation documentation




To book any of the below sessions please email Include the date and title of the course that you would like to book and also the Faculty that you work in.

Team Calendars

External Resources 

Click here for External Events for 2015 2016