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PhD Doctor of Philosophy



Determining the barriers of inter-professional relationships between doctors and pharmacists in Pakistan: A mixed methods study


Thesis Outline.

The study aims to discuss the acceptability of pharmacy profession in the health system of Pakistan. Sequential Explanatory Design has been adopted for methods. The research aims to highlight the barriers of inter professional relation among the two


I am a PhD student at the University of Sunderland. I have done Pharm.D from Pakistan and Masters from University of Sunderland as well. Previously, I had some publications regarding the relations of doctors and pharmacists and that brings me the idea to investigate deep into it with the philosophical glass. I have worked in Pharmaceutical industry for 3 years and I was associated with the medical affairs department. I enjoy reading new articles and new improvements happening across the world.

Research Activities.

I have published more than 15 research articles in good journals throughout my academic career. I have 3 published articles from my undergraduate thesis and 1 from my masters thesis. Currently, 2 papers are under review in renowned journals of Pharmacy. I have presented posters in some conferences held in UK and in Pakistan.

Citations And Presentations.

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7. Khan, Nabeel, McGarry, Kenneth and Holden, Keith (2017) the prevalence of poly-pharmacy and its negative outcomes: A survey of leading health care settings of Pakistan. In: The Great North Pharmacy Research Conference 2017, 21 Jul 2017, University of Sunderland.



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Nabeel Abdul Khan

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Faculty of Health, Sciences and Wellbeing

Director of Studies.

Dr. Ken McGarry