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Assessment BoardDate of Meeting Date of Results Release     Contact   
Design and Media UG TNE  25/11/2019 Funmi Oladapo / Duncan Moodie
Undergraduate Module Assessment Boards 13/02/2020 17/02/2020 Faci Programme Suppport
UG Design and Media Feb intakes TNE MAB 2/03/2020 04/03/2020 Funmi Oladapo / Duncan Moodie
MA Media Production Module/Programme Assessment Board 12/03/2020 16/03/2020 Lois Bridgewood
Design and Photography incl. Foundation, Journalism,PR, Social Media Management, Film Theory UG 16/06/2020 22/06/2020

  Funmi Oladapo / Duncan Moodie

Music, Performing Arts, Advanced Dance, Digital Film, Media Production, Screen Performance,  Fine Art, ADM Glass and Ceramics


 22/06/2020 Amy Callaghan/Funmi Oladapo
History/Cert for Councilors, History & Politics/English/Extended Humanities PAB18/06/2020 22/06/2020 Teri Heslop
Design and Media TNE Module Assessment Board 29/06/2020 06/07/2020 Funmi Oladapo / Duncan Moodie
Design and Media TNE Programme Assessment Board 02/07/2020 06/07/2020 Funmi Oladapo/Duncan Moodie


Assessment BoardDate of Meeting Date of Results Release     Contact   
EAP UP Summer School2/09/201917/09/2019Karen Beaney
ULS10/09/201917/09/2019Karen Beaney
Exchange / Study Abroad16/09/2019 17/09/2019 Teri Heslop
MA Education25/09/2019 26/09/2019Jill Wilkinson 
MSC SOCIAL SCIENCE25/09/2019 26/09/2019Chris Webb
Extended IF Programme 12/09/2019 17/09/2019

Teri Heslop 

 PCET10/09/2019 17/09/2019Cathy Malcolm
PGCE Overseas 10/09/2019 17/09/2019Deborah Bell
Education and Care Fd 10/09/2019 17/09/2019Lynn Crinson
Humanities12/09/2019 17/09/2019Angela Palmer
Health and Social Care FND/BSc 12/09/2019 17/09/2019Nicola Beston
Community and Youth Work 16/09/2019 17/09/2019Cathy Malcolm
Humanities MA25/09/2019 26/09/2019Chris Webb
Sociology / Criminology/Extended Social Science13/09/2019 17/09/2019Karen Beaney
 Childhood Area12/09/2019 17/09/2019Lynn Crinson
 Social Work BA/MA10/09/2019 17/09/2019Jill WIlkinson
Primary Education 12/09/2019 17/09/2019Chris Webb
Education Studies and Secondary Education 12/09/2019 17/09/2019Cathy Malcolm
CSP / Customised Award Scheme 13/09/2019 17/09/2019Jill Wilkinson
EAP UP Summer School PG1/10/2019 Karen Beaney
PGCE IDL15/10/2019 Deborah Bell
EAP UP Summer School PG15/10/2019 Karen Beaney
MSC Social Sciences and Short Course28/10/2019 Chris Webb
Humanities MA30/10/2019 Chris Webb


  Chris Webb
MA Education Area31/10/2019 Jill Wilkinson
PGCE IDL12/12/2019 Deborah Bel



Release of Work: 27th September 2019 

Submission Date: 4th November 2019

Dissertation: 6th January 2020


Release of Work: 26th September 2019

Submission Date: 13th December 2019