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Assessment BoardProgrammes ConsideredDate of Meeting Date of Results Release     Contact   
  Exchange / Study Abroad26/2/2019    Teri Heslop 


MA Education28/2/2019  Jill Wilkinson 
MA TESOL19/03/2019  Chris Webb
MA TESOL13/06/2019  Chris Webb
Extended IF Programme 17/06/2019  

Teri Heslop 

 PCET18/06/2019  Cathy Malcolm
PGCE Overseas 20/06/2019  Deborah Bell
Education and Care Fd 20/06/2019  TBC
History and Politics 20/06/2019  Angela Palmer
Health and Social Care FND/BSc 21/06/2019  Nicola Beston
Community and Youth Work 21/06/2019  Cathy Malcolm
 English21/06/2019  Angela Palmer
Humanities (Extended) 21/06/2019  Angela Palmer
Sociology / Criminology 24/06/2019  Karen Beaney
 Childhood Area24/06/2019  TBC
 Social Work25/06/2019  Jill WIlkinson
Primary Education 27/06/2019  Chris Webb
 Exchange / Study Abroad26/06/2019  Teri Heslop 
Education Studies and Secondary Education 27/06/2019  Cathy Malcolm
CSP / Customised Award Scheme 28/06/2019  Jill Wilkinson


Assessment BoardDate of Meeting Date of Results Release     Contact   
Nursing Specialism17/01/2019  
 Short Course and CaPE22/01/2019   
 Paramedic Practice and CaPE19/03/2019   
 Nursing Specialism29/03/2019   
 Health Suite PG29/03/2019   
 Public and Allied Health24/04/2019   
 Nursing Specialism26/04/2019   
 Health Suite PG02/05/2019   
 MPharm and OSPAP06/06/2019   
 Nursing Specialism12/06/2019   
 Biosciences and Healthcare Sciences18/06/2019   
 Sport FDSC18/06/2019   
Psychology PG 19/06/2019  
Biopharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science UG 19/06/2019   
Psychology UG 19/06/2019  


 Short Course and CaPE19/06/2019   
Sport UG 20/06/2019   
 Public and Allied Health21/06/2019   
Environment PG 21/06/2019  
 Counselling Fd03/07/2019   
 Sport PG09/07/2019   
Clinical Pharmacy and Independent Prescribing PG 17/07/2019   
Paramedic Practice and CaPE  07/08/2019  
 Public and Allied Health21/08/2019   
Nursing Specialism 22/08/2019   
Nursing Specialism 12/09/2019   
Public and Allied Health 25/09/2019   
Nursing Specialism 26/09/2019   
Health Suite PG 25/10/2019