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The Programme Professional Doctorates Board of Studies Board is responsible for the Professional Doctorate programme as whole, , Doctor of Business Administration and Doctor of Education programmes, ensuring the coherence of the programme programmes overall, its their currency, progression, and alignment between the learning outcomes and modes of teaching, learning and assessment.


Professor Mark Davies (| Chair)

Professor Alastair Irons (Deputy / Module Leader)

Dr John Fulton (Director of Post Graduate Research / Programme Leader / PDC511 Module Leader)

Professor Alastair Irons (Deputy Chair)

Dr Catherine Hayes (PDC514 Module Leader / Faculty representativeRepresentative FHSW)

Dr Susan Mandala (PDC510 Module Leader)

Dr Kim Gilligan (PDC512 Module Leader)

Dr Susan Mandala Dirisa Mulindwa (PDC513 Module Leader / London Campus Representative)

Professor Carol Costely Costley (Professional Doctorate Programme External Examiner)

Professor Maggie Gregson (Faculty Representative FES)

Professor Trish Winter (Faculty Representative FACI)

Dr Derek Watson (Faculty representativeRepresentative FBLT)

Dr Sharon McDonald (Faculty representativeRepresentative FOT)

Professor Trish Winter (Faculty representative)

Professor Maggie Gregson (Faculty representative)

Dr Dirisa Mulindwa (London Campus representative)

Mrs Wendy Fail (Student representative)

Mrs Maxine Craig (External Professional Representative)

Wendy Fail (Student Representative - October 2017 cohort)

Karen Evans (Student Representative - February 2018 cohort)

Ian Green (Student Representative - October 2018 cohort)

Liam McCarroll (Student Representative - February 2019 cohort)

Julie Little (Officer)