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Final results are available after Programme Assessment Boards have taken place.  Your official transcript can be viewed and printed through e-Vision


How to read your transcript
If you have ‘P’ by all your modules and ‘Award Obtained’ at the bottom of your transcript by the overall decision, this means you have passed your course and can graduate.  If your overall decision is ‘Pass and Proceed’ or ‘Progress but Trailing Modules’ this means you are able to progress to the next stage of your course (although PT does indicate there is a failed module).  If you have an ‘R, RX, RM, D, NM or F’ by your overall grade for a module and an overall decision of ‘NB’ (next board) this means you will be required to undertake reassessment (a full list of module and progress decision codes is available in the FAQ).


  • Previous marks will not be carried forward.  
  • Marks for individual elements and the overall module mark will be capped at the pass mark.
  • You may be allowed to take an alternative module.  This does not increase the total number of attempts permitted and capping will still apply.
  • One final reassessment will be allowed for students who fail a repeat attempt.  The marks for the      module the module as a whole will be capped at 40%.