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Programme Support Staff

Karen Beaney (Ext. 3097)
Deborah Bell (Ext. 2363)
Nicola Beston (Ext. 2669)
Lynn Crinson (Ext. 2353)
Stephanie Dunn (Ext. 2562)
Terri Heslop (Ext. 2355)
Cathy Malcolm (Ext. 2373)
Angela Palmer (Ext. 3216)
Dmitrios Dimitrios Petrogiannis (Ext. 2923)
Chris Webb (Ext. 2566)
Jill Wilkinson (Ext. 3099)
Lisa Zhang (Ext. 2921)

Placement Support Staff

Shah Amin 
Lynn Carr (Ext. 2178)
Rosemary Elliott (Ext. 2143)
Hayley Goldsmith (Ext. 2302)
Jade McGrath (Ext. 2479)
Shelley Robson (Ext. 3844)
Leah Sommerville (Ext. 2295)

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Combined subjects programme


Extenuating circumstances

University Language Scheme

PGCE course delivered overseas  

Module and programme feedback

Academic misconduct

Academic appeals and complaints

Assessment only – QTS


Student   references



PCET Education placements

Social Science placements

Primary Education placements

School direct

Secondary Education placements  

Special Educational Needs placements