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Academic Registry provides central support for, and oversight of, three key areas of activity:

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  • the academic development of teaching and learning, including the quality assurance and enhancement of both taught and research programmes

  • the student-facing processes of academic misconduct, appeals, complaints, disciplinary cases

  • the arrangements for examinations and degree ceremonies.




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Academic Registry provides central support for, and oversight of a number of key areas of activity which relate to:

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  • Support for the assurance of quality and standards of both taught and research programmes

  • Academic programme support, particularly for the assessment process
  • Student casework processes in respect of academic misconduct, appeals, complaints, discipline, and fitness to practise

  • Teaching timetabling and attendance monitoring

  • The arrangements for examinations and degree ceremonies.

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  • Academic Registry Service Objectives

    • Student and Assessment policy and process readiness for a more agile, flexible university
    • Administration and data policy and process readiness for metrics-driven data-dependent future (OfS/TEF/Data Futures etc)
    • Quality framework policy and process readiness for new national framework and institutional priorities
    • Supporting the Medical School and wider growth in health provision
    • Autorooming of teaching timetabling
    • New approach to student engagement monitoring and action 




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How to find us:

  • Academic Registry is located on the 1st floor of Gateway Building. (Download the University campus map here.)
  • The University station on the Tyne and Wear Metro system is situated a few yards from our office on Chester Road.

Telephone: 0191 515 2059



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