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Academic Services
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Academic Registry provides central support for, and oversight of

, three

a number of key areas of activity which relate to:

the academic development of teaching and learning, including the quality assurance and enhancement

The Service is based at the University's City Campus, on the 2nd floor of the Edinburgh Building and has a total of approximately 30 staff.

It is led by the Director of Service, Beatrice Ollerenshaw, with two Assistant Directors, Iain Rowan (Assistant Director Quality) and Martin Finlayson (Assistant Director Research)

  • It has two other team leaders: Fiona Jackson (Student Processes) and Jessica Greenlees (Head of Quality).

Academic Services can be contacted:

  • through the General Office Manager Abbie Callaghan (ext. 2059)


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  • Support for the assurance of quality and standards of both taught and research programmes

  • the student-facing processes of appeals, complaints, disciplinary cases and the arrangements for examinations and degree ceremonies.
  • the research team who have responsiblity for co-ordinating research degrees, developing funding opportunities, ensuring research integrity and providing management informaiton about our research.
    • Academic programme support, particularly for the assessment process
    • Student casework processes in respect of academic misconduct, appeals, complaints, discipline, and fitness to practise

    • Teaching timetabling and attendance monitoring

    • The arrangements for examinations and degree ceremonies.

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    • Academic Registry Service Objectives

      • Student and Assessment policy and process readiness for a more agile, flexible university
      • Administration and data policy and process readiness for metrics-driven data-dependent future (OfS/TEF/Data Futures etc)
      • Quality framework policy and process readiness for new national framework and institutional priorities
      • Supporting the Medical School and wider growth in health provision
      • Autorooming of teaching timetabling
      • New approach to student engagement monitoring and action 




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    How to find us:

    • Academic Registry is located on the 1st floor of Gateway Building. (Download the University campus map here.)
    • The University station on the Tyne and Wear Metro system is situated a few yards from our office on Chester Road.

    Telephone: 0191 515 2059



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