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titleHow do I know when and where I can collect my Campus Card?

Once your card is ready to collect The Gateway Enquiries Team will raise an enquiry on Compass for you to let you know it's available.

This will send an email notification to your Student email account. Once you click onto the links within the email and sign in, you will be able to see which Enquiry Desk your card is located at as well as what ID you’ll need to bring to collect it.

Please note, if you do not collect your card within 30 days or fail to update The Gateway via Compass,your card will be disposed of and as a result you will need to purchase a new card which costs £10.

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titleDo Students need a new Campus Card every year?

No, the same Campus Card will work throughout your course here at the University.

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titleI've changed programme, will I need a new Campus Card?

No, the same Campus Card will be reprogrammed with your new course details. If this card is due to expire during your studies, we will automatically produce a new card for you on the date of your card expiration.

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titleCan I change the name on my Campus Card?

Your Campus Card will only display your full legal name, we are unable to produce cards with a kmown as name or in any different order than your official, legal identification.

If you have recently changed your name, whether by marriage or deed poll, firstly you will need to inform the University. Please bring in your name change document to either Gateway Enquiry Desk. Once your name has been changed across University systems, the Gateway Team will order a new card for you free of charge. You will receive an enquiry via Compass once it is available for collection

Please note, if you do not have a legal document detailing your name change, we will not be able to change your details.

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titleWhat do I do if I lose my Campus Card?

It is very important to replace your campus card if it is lost. If you are unable to swipe in to classes, your attendance will be greatly affected.

Should you lose your campus card at any point during your time at the University, you can buy a replacement for £10 from the online store.

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titleDo students have to pay to replace a lost/stolen/damaged Campus Card?

If your Campus Card is lost or damaged due to lack of care, then yes. The cost of a replacement Campus Card is £10 and should be purchased via the online store.

If your Campus Card has been stolen it should also be reported and a Crime Report Form completed to obtain a Crime Report Number. We will not charge you for replacing stolen Campus Cards as long as the theft has been reported to the Police and a Crime Report Number can be supplied.

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titleI forgot my card today, how can I say I was in class?

You should always keep on top of your attendance by using the TDS Student Portal. If you log in and click 'My Absences' and then 'Add Absence', you will be able to select 'forgot campus card' from the drop down list.

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titleCan I change the photo on my Campus Card?

Although you can upload a new photo via MyPhoto, this will not print a new card for you. If you want a new photograph, you will need to upload a new photo and order a new card via the online store at a cost of £10

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titleIs my Campus Card my NUS card?

No, your campus cards will get you discounts in local shops and access to the campus bus, but it is not your NUS card. To apply for an NUS card please visit