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Here you can check whether your module is available to collect. You can search by module code, module title or by lecturer or browse by subject. If it’s not on here then it’s not ready to collect yet, but keep checking.


Collecting your assessment results

'In-line with University policy intended to protect your personal data the Library library is unable to provide assessment marks.

To find out your assessment mark please either collect your marked assignment from the library or log-in to E-Vision where your Faculty will record your results.

Check our Assignments Ready to Collect blogs to see if your assignment is ready for collection.

Links to both E-Vision and the blog are available at'

If your grade is not yet displayed on E-Vision please check the progress of this with the member of academic staff who has marked your assignment.


You can search by module code, module title or lecturer.



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Collecting Your Work

When collecting your work please ensure that you:

  • know your module code
  • have photographic ID such as your Campus Card
Got a Question?

Check the FAQs below or contact us:


or visit the Library Assignments Web Page



 Can I collect Work on Someone Else's Behalf?


You may collect work on someone else's behalf providing that they have given us written permission. Your friend should send an email to outlining the module code, your name and that they give you permission to collect on their behalf.

My lecturer told me my assignment has been returned but it is not on the blog. Why?


If your lecturer has recently returned your assignment we may still be processing it. We normally advise that assignments will be ready within 24-48 hours but this can be a bit longer during very busy periods. You can always ask about your module at the library help desk or contact us by telephone, email, live chat, facebook or twitter.

What happens to assignments after the date stated on the blog?


We keep assignments for a period of four weeks from the point we receive them after marking from the lecturer. This four week period is extended to incorporate vacation periods, including Christmas, Easter and the summer to give students a reasonable length of time to collect their work. After the date is reached one of two things happens to uncollected work: it is disposed of in our securely and shredded ; or it is returned to the module leader. Which of these occurs is decided by the module leader when they return the marked work to us.

I have gone home for the summer, what will happen to my marked assignments?


We extend the period that we keep assignments to include the Summer and beyond into the first few weeks of the Autumn term.

Why is my work not there even though the module is available to collect?


A random sample of marked assignments for each module is sent for external moderation. This does not mean anything good or bad about your assignment. The reason it is done is to ensure that work is being marked properly and fairly to specific standards.

What is the receipt I was given when I handed in my assignment for?


This is your proof of handing in. On very rare occasions work can be misplaced at some point between being handed in and marked, so holding on to your receipt ensures that you have a way of showing that you definitely submitted your assignment. Once you have received your marked work back then this can be disposed of, but it is a good idea to hold on to it until then.