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How to read your transcript
If you have ‘P’ by all your modules and ‘Award Obtained’ at the bottom of your transcript by the overall decision, this means you have passed your course and can graduate.  If your overall decision is ‘Pass and Proceed’ or ‘Progress but Trailing Modules’ this means you are able to progress to the next stage of your course (although PT does indicate there is a failed module).  If you have an ‘R, RX, RM, D, NM or F’ by your overall grade for a module and an overall decision of ‘NB’ (next board) this means you will be required to undertake reassessment (a full list of module and progress decision module decision codes is available in the FAQ).


What happens if I fail a module?
The following information will help with any questions that you have regarding failed modules.  If you do not find the answer here, visit our FAQ.

If you have not achieved the results you need to progress to the next stage, or be eligible for an award, you will need to complete a reassessment.  This will either be a referral, taken before the start of the next academic year; a repeat, retaking the whole module during the next academic year; or trailing the failed module, allowing you to progress, taking the failed module alongside the next stage of study.  It is important that you check your emails as this is how we will send out information relating to reassessments.