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The format of the HEAR was developed nationally, with input from students and employers, and is intended to allow you to capture and record a rich picture of your time at the University. You can then use the HEAR to help build a CV or application, or allow an employer to access it online. It doesn’t replace CVs or applications, and you still need to ensure you follow the criteria that any specific job application may require. Read more about what you can do to enhance your employability here.

The HEAR is divided into sections which give information about you, the qualification you have achieved, your academic results, additional activities that you have engaged with, and information on the UK higher education system.

The HEAR will be issued to all  students graduating from an undergraduate programme in the Summer of 2014 through an online service called GradIntel. You will need to register with GradIntel to be able to view your HEAR and share it with employers. The GradIntel service also offers you other opportunities to enhance your employability skills and record them, and to match you to employer vacancies.