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Nominations for Permanent Teaching Staff Member of the Board of Governors

The constitution of the Board of Governors provides for one member of the permanent teaching staff to be nominated by the Academic Board. Members of the Board of Governors are appointed in a personal capacity, and under the Articles of Government are not bound in their speaking or voting by mandates given to them by any other bodies or persons.  In accordance with established practice, the Academic Board nominee will be determined by election by the teaching staff of the University* as follows:

  • Nominations to Electoral Officer (Andrea Carlton, Academic Services) by 4pm on Wednesday 21st May 2014
  • Issue of Voting Papers by Wednesday 28th May 2014
  • Postal Ballot closes at noon on Friday 20th June 2014

Term of Office

The elected member shall usually serve for a two year period commencing 1st August 2014 , with eligibility for re-election for one further term to provide for a maximum of four years continuous service. 


1.    The Electoral Officer shall invite nominations of members of staff for the vacancy on the Board of Governors and shall accept these provided that (i) the nominee is a permanent member of teaching staff who has given written assent and (ii) the nomination has been proposed by a member of teaching staff and seconded by five other members of teaching staff, all of whom have signed the nomination.

2.    Any member of staff may propose as many candidates as (s)he wishes.  No member of staff may second more than one nomination.

3.    After the closure of nominations, the Electoral Officer shall prepare a list of the names of the candidates and their status and shall distribute postal ballot papers which are to be returned to the Electoral Officer in the envelopes provided by the date stipulated above.

4.    Each member of staff shall indicate the candidate of his/her choice by placing a cross against the candidate's name on the postal ballot paper.  No member of staff may vote for more than one candidate.

5.    Each envelope may only contain the vote of one member of staff.

6.    The candidate having the highest number of votes cast in his/her favour shall be declared elected by the Electoral Officer.  The results will be communicated to the Vice-Chancellor and to the successful candidate on Monday 23rd June 2014 and to all full-time teaching staff as soon as possible thereafter.

* Definition of Teaching Staff

1.    The Board of Governors has defined "teaching staff" for the purposes of this election as

  • all employees engaged on full-time or part-time academic staff contracts of at least 12 months duration
  • all Professors in Schools
  • all post-doctoral research workers and research assistants engaged on contracts of at least 12 months duration.

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