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 ICBT Computing
Assessment BoardDate of Meeting Date of Results Release     Contact   
SEGi UG07/02/2019    Engineering PG Project1314/02/2019 2019  Anna Tinkler
ICBT, HKCT, TEG Engineering UG06/03/2019   12/03/2019Frank Bulmer
Computing UG (off campus)06/03/2019    PG 11/03/2019Alyson Jarvis
PG (Block 1)20/03/2019   25/03/2019

Greg Forrester

Engineering (Level 7)  606/606/2019   Computing 10/06/2019Greg Forrester
Computing UG13/06/2019   20/06/2019Alyson Jarvis
Engineering Fd 14/06/2019   21/06/2019Diane Simpson Scott
Engineering UG 18/06/2019   24/06/2019Diane Simpson Scott
SEGi UG 19/06/2019   26/06/2019Anna Tinkler
Engineering PG Project 19/06/2019   24/06/2019Greg Forrester
Computing UG (off campus) 03/07/2019   10/07/2019Alyson Jarvis
Engineering PG 10/07/2019   15/07/2019Greg Forrester
HKCT, ICBT, TEG Engineering UG 11/07/2019   17/07/2019Frank Bulmer