Skype for Business - Did you know .... Create contact groups and group chat

Did You know #1: Creating contact groups and group chat


You can use Skype for Business to have a real time conversation using Instant Messaging with either a single person or a group of people, this is much easier and quicker than using email where the thread may start to get complex to read and manage. The Instant Message conversation may also get saved into your Outlook in a special folder called "Conversation History" if you need to refer back later to the instant messaging conversation.

Step 1:

Open your Skype for Business client.

Step 2:

Click on the Group icon and then Click Create a New Group


Step 3:

Rename the group to an appropriate title


Step 4:

Click on the name of the contact your would like to add to the group and then drag it down to the group name.  This will add the contact to the group.


Step 5:

Continue to add contacts until you are happy with the group.


Step 6:

Right click on the name bar of the group, and from the menu click on Send an IM


Step 7:

You will see when your start your instant message, all of the group contacts are included in the conversation, any message that is sent within the conversation will be sent to all participants and any replies will also be visible to the whole group.



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