My Student Account and Password

Your University account gives you access to your University IT services including open access computers, E:Vision, SunSpace, Filestore and your University email account.  You access it with your User ID and password:

My Account

To use our IT services, you will need a University User ID and password. These details are unique to you and enable you to use our services safely and securely. Most students receive their User ID before they start at University - we will post these details out to you on your enrollment form and again on your welcome letter.   If you didn't receive your details or have misplaced them give us a ring on 0191 515 3333 and we'll get this information to you.

My Password

Your password is initially set to be your date of birth in this format: 06081981 (day, month, year). You will need to change this to activate your IT account. You can change your password at any time using the Password Reset service, as long as you have provided your security data.

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Your new password will need:

  • at least one UPPER case letter
  • at least one lower case letter
  • at least one number
  • have at least eight characters

Please consider the following guidance when choosing a password:

  • use a mixture of characters, UPPER- and lower-case letters, numbers and other characters such as ) ( > < * & ^ % $ , but not a space : or |
  • Do not use words that are in dictionaries, even with numbers substituted for letters.
  • Do not use names or other words that people can associate with you.
  • Keep your University password different from other passwords or PINs you use.
  • Change your password regularly. 
  • Change your password immediately if you suspect someone else knows it. 

If you have trouble changing your password, please contact either your faculty IT Support or the IT Service Desk on 0191 5153333 

Staff of the University of Sunderland will never ask for your password. Any request to supply your password, particularly in emails, should be ignored no matter who makes the request. If you let other people use your account details to access University IT, your account may be suspended.


Security Data

Your security data is used if you ever need to reset your Univeristy account password.  If you have not provided this information during the enrolment process, please log in to Selfcare using your University User ID and Password at,   

Step 1: Select Update your security data

Step 2: Enter a personal email address (this must not be your University email account)

Step 3: Select 3 questions from the drop down box and provide the answers to these questions.

Step 4: Select Submit 

The Timetabling System

This system does not use your standard username and password, you will need your registration number to access this system.