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IT Services have been made aware of a security bug within the operating system of all Apple mobile devices (including iPhone, iPad and iPod’s) running iOS 9.2 or later.  This bug could potentially allow someone to bypass your Passcode or Touch ID requirement to gain access to the contents of your device, including all of your personal information (pictures, emails, notes and calendar entries etc). 

You can quickly tell if your device is vulnerable and take action to prevent someone accessing your device and data by following the steps below:

1: Click Settings

2: Click on Touch ID and Passcode

3: Enter your Passcode

4: In the Allow access when locked area, if Siri is shown as below, your device is vulnerable

5: To ensure your device is protected, tap on the slider switch beside Siri, which will turn this access off and your device should look like the screen below

If you are currently using a University issued mobile device, please ensure you follow the steps above to secure the device and any University data stored on it.  We would also strongly recommend anyone that uses their personal device for University email follows these steps.  Please visit our website for the latest news on this vulnerability, as we will provide an update when Apple have addressed this vulnerability: