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Exclaimer Mail Archiver - FAQ's

How long are emails stored?

 Emails are stored in your mailbox for 12 month and the archive for 7 years.

How do I access the archive?

 You can access the archive by using the Microsoft Outlook plugin (Windows machines only).  Alternatively, you can go here: https://mailarchive.sunderland.ac.uk

Can I access the archive off site?

 You can access the archive off site by logging into Citrix.

Can I access the archive in Outlook Web Access?

 No.  You would need to use either the Outlook plugin, or the website URL: https://mailarchive.sunderland.ac.uk

How do I access the archive on my MAC?

 The Outlook plugin is currently not supported on MAC Operating Systems so you would need access the archive here: https://mailarchive.sunderland.ac.uk

Can other people access my archive?

 By default, only yourself will have access to your archive.  Delegated permissions can be applied on request.

Can I access a shared mailbox archive?

 Yes.  The search functionality will work the same way as if you were accessing your own archive.

Can I keep a .pst as well as the archive?

 No.  Once your PST file has been imported into the archive, the PST will be deleted.

Can I import my .pst file into the archive?

 Yes, your PST can be imported into the archive.

What do the comments - retention policy and delete date on my emails mean?

 This is the date of when the email will be deleted from your mailbox.  The email will still be accessible via the archive after this date.


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