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Citrix Pilot - FAQ's

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Citrix, so if you have a problem please check here first, however, if this doesn't answer your question please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible and your question maybe able to help others. Email technicalservices.enquiries@sunderland.ac.uk with any questions or queries you may have.

Why can I see other department share drives?

Share drives are automatically mapped based on your user permissions.  You may have access to different share drives because of previous roles within the University, or projects you have been working on.

How can I access Citrix away from Campus?

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access Citrix from any device from anywhere.  Please see this link for details on how to set this up: (https://www.citrix.com/go/receiver.html and click on Where can I download Citrix Receiver on other platforms and devices? if you are not using a windows machine).

What is the difference between Apps and Desktops?

This is personal preference.  An app will launch as a single instance.  A desktop will give you more of a look and feel of a ‘real’ computer i.e. Start menu, desktop etc.  You will be able to access to same applications whichever option you chooses to use.

How do I request additional applications?

Citrix is currently only a pilot, so we have limited applications to Core Business Systems and common applications used across the University.  An application you require might still be available.  Please see this website for available applications: Citrix Pilot - List of available software

Why does Citrix Receiver keep asking me to login?

The prompt will stop once you login and ticked the Save Password check box.

How do I access my department share drive?

By launching the ‘Home Drive’ app and then selecting ‘Computer’ from the menu on the left hand side.  If you are using the desktop, go into ‘Computer’ and your drives will be listed.

Why is the ‘Staff Desktop’ restricted so I can’t reboot and view the full start menu?

Citrix is a shared resource so certain restrictions are set to optimise performance and give the best user experience.

I have been granted access to an application but why can’t see it in Citrix Receiver?

Click your name in the top right hand corner of Citrix Receiver, and click ‘Refresh Apps’.  Alternatively, applications will be refreshed on your next logon.

When I run SITS, the display colour and brightness is different to what I'm used to.

This is a known issue and is related to the Operating System.  A support call is currently logged with the Vendor to have this rectified.

On my UDS workstation, a popup frequently pops up for a split second then disappears.

This behaviour is expected.  The Citrix Receiver client runs a process in the background that ensures a faster login when you launch an application.


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