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Welcome to the SunSpace Wiki, your first port of call for all matters relating to SunSpace.

SunSpace is the University of Sunderland's Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a web-based application with features for course management, communication, collaboration and online assignment submission, feedback and marking. SunSpace has been enhanced with a number of plug-ins and extensions such as Turnitin, for assignment submission and plagiarism detection, and ClassLive for providing online, synchronous lectures, particularly useful for off campus and distance learning students.

SunSpace and the SunSpace Wiki are administered and maintained by Web and Learning Technology Services (WaLTS).

Getting Started

SunSpace is accessed via My Sunderland, the platform which also hosts this wiki. Log into My Sunderland by clicking on the 'Log In' button in the top-right and entering your University username and password:

Then select 'SunSpace' from the Quick Links drop-down menu:

Alternatively, links to all of the most popular University systems can be found in the footer of all My Sunderland web pages:

SunSpace is compatible with all modern web browsers with standard settings and plugins, however due to the fast-paced nature of web and browser development compatibility problems can occasionally arise. If you have problems, see the FAQ How do I configure my browser to use SunSpace? for advice.


Getting Access


All students will automatically be attached to SunSpace and enrolled onto all required module and programme spaces as soon as their registration is complete. See here for further information: Student Accounts.


Staff accounts on SunSpace and access to module and programme spaces is done on request by the WaLTS team. If you are a new member of staff, or need access to SunSpace for the first time, please contact us by sending an email to sunspace@sunderland.ac.uk. See here for further information: Staff Accounts.


External accounts, for external examiners for example, may have been given direct access to SunSpace rather than a University account, in which case SunSpace should be accessed from the external login page: http://newsunspace.sunderland.ac.uk/ using the username and password provided. See here for further information: External Accounts


Getting Help

The SunSpace Wiki

This wiki contains a wealth of information and resources to help you with SunSpace. Of particular use are the Frequently Asked Questions for Students, Frequently Asked Questions for Staff and Help and Support pages.

SunSpace Resources

There are also a number of resources available in SunSpace itself:

SSI - SunSpace Student Introduction - An online guide to using SunSpace, targeted at students bus also available to staff.

SFL - Skills For Learning - Not about SunSpace specifically, but a great resource for associated skills for learning such as how to find and evaluate information, avoid plagiarism in your work and how to get the best out of group working. Also available to staff.

IDT - Instructional Design Tutorial - For staff only, a module space on instructional design which includes sections on the default SunSpace tools and how to use and integrate external resources such as YouTube. This module is provided by Pearson, so may refer to features not available at the University of Sunderland, and doesn't mention some tools that are such as the Turnitin LTI.

SSH - SunSpace Staff Help - For staff only, this is where you will find detailed help guides and information on all aspects of SunSpace. This module has been created by WaLTS and includes help resources on the customisations we have made to SunSpace and the external tools which we have integrated to enhance the VLE.


Bespoke training sessions are available from WaLTS for individuals and groups. Our experience has shown that training delivered to programme teams is particularly effective as such sessions result in a consistent approach across modules.

Drop-In and Learn

WaLTS, in conjunction with our colleagues in Academic Development, run regular drop-in surgeries for staff which cover all of your technology and academic development inquiries. For details of the latest sessions see this page: Drop-In and Learn.


WaLTS run the University's official 'Alerts' Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/UniofSunAlerts where we live-post details of all problems affecting University systems, including SunSpace, and we also have our own team account if you would like to see what we are working on the rest of the time: https://twitter.com/UoS_WaLTS.

External Resources

Pearson maintain a web page where they have live information of the status of Learning Studio, the software which powers SunSpace: http://247pearsoned.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/9740 and Turnitin maintain a similar page where you can find the status of Turnitin: http://www.turnitinuk.com/en_gb/services/system-status.


Reporting Problems

In the first instance, please consult the Frequently Asked Questions for Students and Frequently Asked Questions for Staff pages to see if the problem you are having has been previously reported. These pages will contain details of how to resolve the problem yourself whenever possible. If your problem is not addressed in the FAQ, student should contact their module leader, while staff should contact WaLTS by emailing sunspace@sunderland.ac.uk.





  1. I understand staff now have to 'roll over' their old module content. How is this done?

    1. Hello Mike. What you need is the 'Copy Content' tool which lets you copy any materials, or indeed all materials, from one SunSpace site to another. We created a help video showing how to use this: https://sml.sunderland.ac.uk/Play/1336