Finding SunSpace

A link to SunSpace can be found at the bottom of the my.sunderland page along with other useful University links and if you have already logged into my.sunderland, you have only to click on the SunSpace link to get access. External users who don't have a full University account can use their username and password to access New SunSpace via the external login page.

Access to SunSpace

Students and staff must have an official university account to access SunSpace. If you have a University email account you will have a university account and the corresponding username required to access the system. Staff will need to contact the VLE team to have an account registered on SunSpace. Students will be automatically registered during their registration process. Access to SunSpace is achieved across the Internet and a web browser is required to access SunSpace. An account will give access to resource spaces, programmes and modules. Staff will have to request access to all spaces, whereas student will have access to programmes and modules automatically through SITS when the registration process for their programmes and modules are complete.

You need to use a modern web browser to access SunSpace. The web browser needs to be HTML5 compatible. See How do I configure my browser to use SunSpace? for more information.

Using SunSpace


  • Students (and staff) can view the Student Orientation Tutorial - SOT, an online guide to using SunSpace.
  • Staff are encouraged to access the Instructional Design Tutorial - IDT and also to view the instructional videos and resources for staff that are available within the SSR - SunSpace Resources module.

Help and Support

SunSpace Resources

  • There are guides, tutorials and resources for staff within the SSR SunSpace - Resources module on SunSpace, please contact if this is missing from your list of modules.





Reporting Problems with SunSpace

Please consult the frequently asked question list first. It may be that your problem has occurred before and help is available in resolving it. Students should contact their module leader if they are having problems with SunSpace. Staff can contact

Frequently Asked Questions


Have you consulted the FAQs?

This should be your first port of call when looking for answers to problems with SunSpace.

Contributing to the Wiki

Staff are encouraged to contribute to this Wiki. If you wish to contribute or you think something is missing or you wish to correct the spelling, the grammar, incorrect information, etc. please contact Dean Ford (x3827) and he'll give you editing rights to the Wiki.

The user guide for this Wiki is available here and further help in using the Wiki can be found in the help area.


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  1. This new sunspace is SO confusing!!! Nothing is obvious, there are links that do not work, and so far the lecturers i have seen do not like it!!!  Couldnt find my timetable,and navigating around the new module pages is a nightmare!! You dont know where to find module guides, lecture slides or anything related to the module!!!  Please briong back the old sunspace it was so much easier to use!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear you're not finding the New SunSpace easier to use Barbara, personally I think it's much easier for students to use than old SunSpace.  Have you had a read through the Student Online Tutorial?  

    I have had extremely positive feedback from the CSP students: they say the new Zone is easy to use and easy to navigate.  If you log in to the Zone you'll find a mini tutorial guide that you should find helpful.  If you need any help, you know where I am!  


    1. I have no doubt that i will get the hang of it eventually.  I did have a quick look through the "how to use" guides, but unlike the zone, other modules do not appear to be doing things the same, for example SSC309 & SSC301 Pete Rushtron has put our module guide and lecture slides in doc sharing, but in the zone they are down the left hand side, i think thats where i am getting confused, and my other modules simply have nothing in them!! no module guides, no slides, rather disconcerting!! And everything takes so long to load!! i will however perservere and if i have any really big problems i will get in touch





  3. How do I find my lecture notes and module guides? Is it supposed to open up in the course list because if so mine is not loading?

    1. Hi Abby - yes once you are registered on modules they should appear in the course list, so you can go into each module space to find module materials.  If you're getting a 'loading' sign, you could try again in a different browser (Firefox is the recommended one), but it might be a technical problem.   Note: 

      All users requiring assistance with new Sunspace can contact the Sunderland Service Desk, tel +44(0)191 515 2992, email (24 hrs, 7 days a week)

  4. Hello,

    Hello My name is Melina and I have enrolled in the MA Education Program of Special Education. But according to the new Sunspace I am enrolled in a MA of Distance learning. There has been some kind of mix up obviously, but who do I contact to fix it?

    1. Hi Melina - speak to your Faculty Office to check that you have been registered on the correct programme.  If they say that you are already correctly enrolled, then contact your programme leader who will try to track down the problem.