Brexit and you

If you are an EU citizen and a University student you may have some questions about what Brexit could mean for you. 

There are many aspects and potential impacts of Brexit that remain uncertain, however the Students’ Union and the University are here to offer you support and help.  Staff across the University are working together to make sure that we can offer you guidance and insight into questions you may have and support that you might need to navigate through the next few months and beyond.

For example you may have questions about applying for the EU Settlement Scheme or you may have travel questions.  You may want to know if you are eligible for student loans or if your right to work in the UK has changed.  You may want to ask us something on behalf of your wider family, or indeed talk to us about something on which we have not yet provided published guidance.

The University in conjunction with the Students’ Union has a student focused Brexit group to help us understand and address your concerns.

Keep an eye on the updates which we will provide in a number of ways;

  • By student email
  • Through the weekly newsletter issued electronically each Monday
  • Via the news page when you log into a University computer
  • Via digital signage visible across the University
  • Through Student Union and University social media

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