Professorial Lecture: Doing Culture

Trish Winter, Professor of Cultural Studies in the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries, presents this Professorial Lecture "Doing Culture".

As Sunderland awaits the result of its bid for City of Culture 2021, Professor Winter will reflect on what it means to ‘do culture’ at the present time.  What do we mean by ‘culture’? Whose culture counts? And why do we need to talk about it?  

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The idea that culture is ‘good for us’ is everywhere, whether through the health and wellbeing benefits of taking part in cultural activities, or as a tool for regenerating economies and places.  Trish will put such ideas into context.  She will critically consider them in the light of her research with people about their everyday cultural lives, especially those who resist dominant power structures and ways of seeing the world.  The talk will include a special appearance by her research collaborators, Grand Gestures Dance Collective. 

The talk takes place in Room 007, Prospect Building, Sir Tom Cowie Campus on Thursday 28 September at 6pm.

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Professor Trish Winter has worked for over thirty years in the field of culture, both in the community arts movement and in academic cultural studies.  She teaches and has published widely on issues of culture and identity, and is currently doing research about culture with community researchers in Southwick, Sunderland.

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