Is there a University Policy for reVIEW?


Draft Policy on the use of multi-media enhancement within learning and teaching is available and you view it here. Please note the Policy is subject to approval by Acamedic Board.

Any updates to the policy will be posted on these pages.

 Why are we implementing reVIEW?

reVIEW is part of the University’s commitment to engage students with their learning. The recording of teaching provides an opportunity for students to review the material after the session to aid understanding, revision and to enhance learning. 

Students value access to recorded teaching materials and lectures for revision and review. Students’ describe how such recordings supplement learning rather than replacing attendance.

The recording of teaching helps make learning more accessible and inclusive for all students. Recording is sometimes necessary as part of reasonable adjustments made for students with a disability. If students are unable to attend e.g. because of a period of illness, recorded teaching sessions help students to catch up. Recordings offer benefits for students whose first language is not English. By making recording available for everyone, this provision is built into teaching practice so individual requests are not needed.  

 What do you mean by 'Teaching Activities'?

This includes all lectures, seminars, workshops, practical and laboratory sessions as well as pre-recorded teaching materials used for independent distance learning or a flipped classroom approach.

 Is the intention of reVIEW to replace students attending taught sessions?


reVIEW is intended to supplement, not replace, student attendance at taught sessions. reVIEW is not a substitute for taught face-to-face content, unless recordings are intended for development of a flipped classroom approach or as a resource for independent distance learning. 

 What is a Screencast?

The recording of voice over a presentation media whether a digital presentation or single image. The audio recording is synchronized with the presentation, providing discreet segments of audio for each slide or image.

 What do you mean by Video and Audio?

The recording of images of individuals or groups alongside audio. This is typically available as part of specialist teaching facilities such as in simulation suites (The Living Lab). Video alongside audio is available as an option in all Lecture Theaters with the video recording being restricted to the presenter at the lectern.

 What is a Flipped Classroom?

Flipped classroom is a pedagogical approach in which the conventional notion of classroom-based learning is inverted, so that students are introduced to the learning material before class. Classroom time then being used to deepen understanding through discussion with peers and problem-based activities etc.

 Is reVIEW mandatory?


Although giving students the ability access recorded teaching materials and lectures for revision and review is valuable. The reVIEW system is controlled by the presenter who is able to initiate recording, pause, edit and stop.

 What teaching spaces will be reVIEW friendly?

The project is currently reviewing teaching rooms and will ensure a list of reVIEW friendly rooms are posted on these pages for your information.

It is intended that boundary microphones will be available in all (appropriate) teaching rooms, to enable presenters to screencast sessions. Whilst in larger rooms (Lecture Theaters) presenters will have the option to video record sessions.

Boundary microphones can detect the presenter’s voice so there is no need for the presenter to stay at a lectern or to wear a lapel microphone. The boundary microphones also record any questions asked by students or student discussion. 

Video recording is only the presenter at the lectern and screen. This option will need to be actively selected by the presenter.

The default setting for the reVIEW system is screencast (voice over presentation media).


Getting Started

 What is reVIEW (powered by Panopto)?

reVIEW allows for easy recording and sharing of courses, lectures, and presentations. reVIEW is designed to simplify the lecture-capture process. Recordings in reVIEW are viewable on most web browsers and mobile devices.

 Is there any reVIEW training available?

Yes! information of staff development for reVIEW is available here, all sessions will be delivered by a Learning Technologist.

If none of the scheduled sessions meet your needs you can email to schedule a consultation.


Training at bot London and Hong Kong Campus will be delivered locally by specialists.

 Where can I find reVIEW?

In your canvas module, select reVIEW from the menu on the left. If you don’t see it, go to Settings, select the Navigation tab, and add reVIEW. You may also access reVIEW at

 How do I make reVIEW recordings available to people in my course?

Your reVIEW recordings are automatically available to all members of a course via the reVIEW tab in Canvas.  You do not need to have your course content in Canvas to use reVIEW. All you need to do is to publish your Canvas to establish access for your students.

  Can I get administrator or support-level access to reVIEW?

reVIEW user permissions and course folders are inherited from Canvas.

Panopto and Canvas

 How do I embed a reVIEW recording in Canvas?

Within your Canvas course, you can embed a recording into a Canvas page (this is in addition to the Canvas navigation menu). Note, however, that if you plan to use course content in future, you must copy and move the reVIEW recording to the new instance of your Canvas course. If the pages are simply copied, the embedded videos will not be viewable by students in the new Canvas course. Follow these instructions from Panopto.

 Why is my Canvas module not showing in reVIEW?

reVIEW receives course folder information from Canvas.  You will need to publish your Canvas course and click on the reVIEW tab in Canvas to ensure the connection to reVIEW. 


 Can I upload an external video file such as a .mp4, .wmv, .mov, etc.?

 You may upload media to reVIEW. For more information, see Panopto’s documentation on uploading recordings and uploadable file types.

By uploading recordings into the Panopto Service, you must be sure that the use of the recordings as part of the Panopto Service will not violate the law, such as copyright law, or the rights of any third party, such as privacy rights.

 What teaching rooms are reVIEW friendly?

 We are working to deploy new equipment across all University Campuses to ensure teaching spaces are equipped appropriately.

 Can I create a recording if I am not currently connected to the Internet?

Yes, if you have logged in to the Panopto Recorder while connected to the Internet and not logged out.  Choose “Offline Recording” folder.  After your recording is finished and you have connected to the Internet, click on the recording and selection a destination folder.  


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