Panopto is the University's multi-media enhancement solution, designed to easily record and produce educational materials, which can be made available online for students to review in their own time and place of their choosing.

How do I get started? 


To help you get started with reVIEW, we have written a comprehensive range of FAQ, and Panopto provide an exhaustive range of fully detailed help guides with screenshots on their website.


Panopto Support

The University of Sheffield reviewed research on lecture recording and highlighted the following benefits:

  • Many students report that they find it much easier to learn material on a course with lecture capture (Traphagan et al., 2009)
  • Students are eager to be able to use lecture capture to be able to review course content at a later date to enable them to clarify difficult concepts (Davis et al., 2009)
  • Students who use supplemental learning have higher final marks (Von Konsky et al.,2009)
  • Students are able to spend less time taking notes and are able to engage with the course material rather than focusing on taking notes (Karnad, 2013)
  • The majority of students access lecture recordings in order to clarify areas that they did not understand from the lecture (Song et al., 2006).

Multi Media Enhancement Project Implementation 

Project News

  • Draft Policy on the use of multi-media enhancement within learning and teaching is subject to approval by Academic Board. See the draft policy here
  •  reVIEW is coming soon and will support staff in using multimedia to enhance teaching across the University.

    As part of the University’s strategy to enhance Learning and Teaching, a multimedia enhancement project is now well underway to provide teaching staff a tool to record taught sessions, which will enable students to reVIEW the session in their own time.

    reVIEW (powered by Panopto) will be embedded and fully accessible via CANVAS, allows for the simultaneous capture of audio, video and applications (e.g. Microsoft PowerPoint) and the recording can be shared in a variety of ways during or after the presentation.

    reVIEW will also provide the university a video platform which makes it easy for lecturers and instructors to:

     -          Flip the classroom

    -          Record lectures

    -          Live broadcast events

    -          Create ‘how to’ videos

    -          Offer video feedback on assignments

    -          Allows for video assignment submissions

    There is a body of educational theory and research which supports the use of such tools to aid student learning. Indeed student feedback across the higher education sector has evaluated positively when multimedia enhanced tools are used in learning and teaching. One of the principal drivers behind using the reVIEW tool, is that teaching and learning materials can be reVIEWed by students, allowing for pacing of learning and for students to consolidate their learning.         

  • Solution Supplier for reVIEW has been awarded to Panopto EMS Ltd following an Ojeu procurement process. 
  • Project Business Case approved by Digital First. See our business case here.




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