New Gradebook

As of the 1st August 2019 you will have access to a new version of the Grades section with Canvas. The changes, in the main, are subtle but there is one major change regarding the muting/unmuting process for the marks and feedback release. To help you understand all of the changes, we have collated all of the Canvas guidance for the new Gradebook below:

KEY CHANGE - Muting/Unmuting Assignments

The biggest change is regarding the release of marks and feedback for students. In the past, once an assignment was created, lecturers had to go into the Gradebook and mute the assignment they had just created otherwise during the marking process grades were released to students instantaneously as each assignment was marked. By muting the assignment you could prevent this and then unmute once all the assignments had been marked.

To try and reduce the amount of work involved in this Canvas have changed the process. The Muting/unmuting terminology has been removed and you should now set a "Grade Posting Policy" for your module. By setting your Grade Posting Policy to Manual all existing assignments and future assignments created within the module will abide by that policy, meaning that each assignment will be muted by default. The result of this is on each assignment column you will see the word "MANUAL" to indicate the policy for that assignment, as well as an icon of an eye with a strike through it to show that the grades are currently hidden.

This guide explains how the new process works in more detail: 

To release the marks and feedback to the students you need to click on the three dots at the top of the column heading and click on the "Post Grades" option and then on the fly out menu select "Everyone". The eye icon will then disappear from the column heading to indicate that these marks are now visible to students.

This guide explains the releasing of grades in more detail:

New Gradebook Overview

This video guide gives you an overview of the new Gradebook tool. 

Here is a written guide to using the new Gradebook as well:

The following link will give you access to the extensive list of New Gradebook Guides if you need to find out how to setup something specific:


Help and Support

If you have any further questions about the new Gradebook tool or need any support setting up your Gradebook for 19/20 then contact Canvas Support (available 24/7) via one the links provided within the Help section in Canvas.

The CELT team will be offering training on the new Gradebook tool through the start of term, more details about these sessions will be made available soon. If you have any concerns about these changes then please contact us via

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