MCQ Examinations FAQ


 Is there a University Policy for MCQ Examinations?
 Are exams delivered securely?

Yes, exams can be delivered requiring the use of Safe Exam Browser.

The Safe Exam Browser is a feature that allows exams to be sat on a PC, Mac or iPad securely by locking the computer or iPad down to disable access to everything but the exam software (and certain Operating System background tasks that must continue torun). 

This prevents the student from being able to cheat as they will be unable to launch any browsers to Google the answer, nor log into any cloud services where notes might be stored. Additionally, they will not be able to access any files on the local PC, keyboard shortcuts are also disabled along with certain iPad button functions.

Once the candidate finishes the exam, they then enter a password to log out and full control of their computer or iPad is then restored. 

 Is there training available for MCQ Examinations?

Yes! information of staff development for MCQ Examinations is available here, all sessions will be delivered by a Learning Technologist.

If none of the scheduled sessions meet your needs you can email to schedule a consultation.







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