How We Can Help Staff

Learning Technology Services can create, or provide guidance and assistance with the creation of all manner of learning material. We design, develop and produce fully accessible, pedagogically sound print-based and online learning materials. Our team have extensive experience with the production of web pages, 2D and 3D graphics, interactive presentations, digital audio and video.

We can help you with:

  • Design of learning material and resources and deployment in Canvas, including entire modules;
  • Producing rich, interactive learning materials using specialised applications such as Camtasia and Articulate Storyline;
  • Using the communication and collaboration tools in Canvas;
  • Monitoring and optimising student use of eLearning resources;
  • Building multiple choice quizzes;
  • Designing formative and summative assignments in Turnitin;
  • Using Turnitin to educate students about correct referencing and to detect possible plagiarism;
  • Using the online marking and feedback tools in Turnitin - Grademark and Rubrics;
  • Matching your teaching ideas with appropriate interactive elements and Canvas tools;
  • Customising the Canvas tools to best accommodate your teaching style.

We can also offer advice and guidance on the most suitable media to use for a given purpose, provide a wealth of templates and multimedia resources, and advise on how to make your learning material accessible to students with disabilities.


The pedagogical model underpinning our work includes:

  • Providing students with clear learning objectives;
  • Encouraging student engagement by creating content which is rich in activities, feedback and self-assessment.

Our top priority is to be responsive to the needs and teaching styles of academic staff and to create and support the highest quality solutions for student-centred, enhanced learning experiences. We continually evaluate the suitability of new software, methods and techniques for such purposes.