Students Requesting to Sit Examinations Overseas

Applications will be accepted from the 26th July for August/September exams, once the exam timetable has been published and exam dates confirmed. Applications must be sent too before Friday 9th August 2019 if you wish to submit a request to sit any ref/def examinations overseas.


The University has a policy governing requests from students to sit their Examinations Overseas in their home country.   The Policy is as follows:Policy for Sitting Examinations Overseas - Sunderland Campus.pdf

If after reading the policy you feel you fit the criteria and wish to apply to sit your examinations in your home country please complete the following application form and send it to by the deadline specified.


Below is a list of British Council Officers and approved partners available to you.


List of official regional offices

Official Regional Offices.pdf


List of approved partners



List of British Council Offices

British Council Address Book.pdf