Replacement Certificates

Graduates of the University of Sunderland are provided with one original certificate following completion of their course. 

A replacement certificate can only be issued if the original has been lost or damaged. The replacement will be issued in the name that appeared on the original. The University will only re-issue parchments in a different name if the applicant meets the conditions set out in the following policy  re-issue of parchment with a change of name.

Please note: 
The University does not retain spare copies of older style certificates and it is therefore necessary to issue duplicates on the current style of degree certificate.  

Graduates still in possession of their original certificate can request 'verified photocopies'.  The first five copies requested will be free, a fee of £10 will then be payable for each additional copy, upto a maximum of 10 copies can be requested.

Requesting a Replacement Certificate - (for awards obtained from 1993 to present day)

To apply for a replacement certificate (£35.00) and/or a leather bound Parchment Tube (from £7.50) please go to the University Online Store using the link below.  Information regarding processing times will be sent to you once you have completed and paid  via the online store:

Online Store

Requesting a Replacement Certificate  -  (for awards obtained before 1993)

  • and your award was validated by CNAA (Council for National Academic Awards) (e.g. Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees), you will need to visit the Open University website to complete the relevant forms, to do this please click HERE
  • and your award was validated by BTEC or EDEXCEL (e.g. HND/HNC awards), you will need to complete the following Replacement Application (downloads as a PDF).  It should be returned directly to Edexcel, the address is on the form.