Rene Alberto Garcia Cepeda


PhD Doctor of Philosophy



Curation and display of interactive new media art within the institutional context


Thesis Outline.

A manual collecting the accumulated yet dispersed knowledge of a variety of specialist and institutions on the field. Its purpose is to aid non specialists to engage more effectively with interactive new media art and create better exhibitions.


Rene G. Cepeda is a curator interested in the intersections of art, technology and new media and its diffusion to the greater public. Rene has published on the importance of recognizing the artistic value of video games within the wider art history canon. Alongside these interests, Rene is also interested in exhibition design and how the discipline intersects with curation.


Research Activities.

Currently researching: Interactive new media art and interaction in exhibition design. Interactive new media performances

Citations And Presentations.

That Poppy: Merging performance and digital media through internet video Talk at IDMAa 2017 George Washington University Reconciling art history and video games IDMAa conference 2015 Talk at Utah Valley University Self-Othering in the Art World. Publication date: Mar 1, 2014 Publication: The New Union





Rene Alberto Garcia Cepeda

Contact Details.

Arts and Creative Industries

Director of Studies.

Professor Beryl Graham

Co Supervisor

Alexandra Moschovi