Quality Support

Quality Support are primarily responsible for the quality management of taught programmes both on and off campus.

Our team is based at the University's City Campus on the first floor of the Gateway Building.

Both the on-campus and off-campus activity is led by the Quality Manager: Mr Sam Booth-Malone

The team comprises:

  • Five Quality Officers:  Quality Officers have lead responsibility for aspects of Quality Management as well as working directly with Faculties to be the first point of contact in relation to quality,
  • Four Quality Assistants: Quality Assistants also work directly with Faculties and the Quality Officers to support the quality processes in relation to on and off campus provision
  • One Quality Support: administrator who provides support for these activities.

The Quality Support team has a number of key roles, including:

  • servicing the University's Academic Board committees and associated working groups
  • managing external reviews in the UK and overseas
  • managing the approval, modification, annual and periodic review of programmes
  • managing the approval, modification, annual and periodic review of collaborative partners
  • managing in-country accreditation/recognition for overseas activity
  • advising and supporting Faculties on activities for which they are responsible at a local level
  • providing advice and guidance to Faculties, Services and Partners on quality management processes
  • liaising with other Services
  • managing the appointment of External Examiners, providing induction training, and providing an analysis of their Annual Reports
  • managing the University's register of accreditation and approval by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies.

The team is also responsible for the Academic Quality Handbook which is the definitive collection of the latest copies of all the procedures, templates and forms relating to all academic quality management processes of the University.